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Backyard Poultry

Our clinic provides preventative and therapeutic recommendations for backyard poultry producers and hobbyists.


Parasite Control

  • Diatomaceous earth - This is a natural product that can be used to prevent mites and lice as well as internal parasites with no egg or meat withdrawal. Place a kid’s pool or tire in an area where your chickens have unlimited access to it. Place a 1-2” layer of diatomaceous earth in the bottom of the pool or center of the tire. Allow your chickens to take dust baths in the pool or tire. You can further entice your chickens to spend time in the pool by scattering a handful of corn or chicken scratch on the top of the diatomaceous earth.

  • ProZap Garden & Poultry Dust - This product can be used to treat a lice or mite infestation. Sprinkle the dust over the chicken making sure to thoroughly treat the area around the vent. Alternatively, you can place a layer of dust in a brown paper bag then place the chicken in the bag. Close the top of the bag and gently shake the bag to dust the chicken. The darkness of the bag will cause the chicken to close her eyes and prevent dust from getting in them. Be sure to thoroughly treat all chickens.

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